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Karen Burry
GIS Analyst

Rebecca Murray
Karen Burry, GIS Analyst
Rebecca Murray, Property Ownership Specialist

Welcome to the official Banks County GIS Department web page. We have static maps available for viewing or download and we also have interactive maps; follow the menu links.
What is GIS? 
A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer based tool used for displaying a very wide variety of geographically referenced information.  This information or data is typically displayed by maps which help to visualize the information and can be quickly understood.  GIS is a tool used to analyze the various types of data for answering questions, solving problems, determining possible relationships, patterns, or trends and can be used to provide support for any enterprise decision-making.  If you would like to see more about GIS click here. www.esri.com/what-is-gis  
Mission Statement
The mission of the GIS Department is to create a basis of geographic information to effectively provide spatial technology support that will contribute toward community decision-making, increased efficiencies, increased effectiveness and reduced costs for the County commissioners, departments, agencies and cities to allow them to better serve the public.

Parcel Mapping
Working closely with the Tax Assessor’s Office, the GIS Department maps property lines based on a recorded deed and/or a recorded plat for the County. The computer based technology allows us to visualize these property lines with the click of a mouse. Residents can also access the parcel mapping and property records with our on line site. The parcel mapping site allows you to review parcels, sales, flood plains, rivers and streams, soil reports, highways and aerial photos of properties within Banks County.

Please click here to view the County's mapping web site.

More than Parcel Mapping for the Residents and Businesses
The GIS Department has produced Banks County road map books and wall maps used by Public Safety services and the Road Department; these maps are available for sale to the public.

We can print out flood zone maps, topographic maps and map distances for parcels in color.

Check the map fee schedule to learn more.

Examples of the types of projects the GIS Department has completed:
  • Banks County Zoning Map (still pending approval)
  • Mapping the Utilities for the Banks County Water Department and Fire Services
  • Disaster mapping for flooding and tornado
  • Emergency mapping for ground searches
  • Maps to demonstrate tested radio coverage for Banks County
  • School bus route maps for the Banks County School Transportation Department
We are only limited by our imagination when it comes to mapping something.
Banks County Liability Disclaimer
Banks County Government makes no warranties, expressed or implied, including implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for purpose, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of this data. Furthermore, Banks County Government assumes no liability whatsoever associated with the use or misuse of such data. Any interpretation or conclusions from the data are the responsibility of the user and user assumes the risk of using the data.
Some of Our Maps  
The following static maps are in PDF format which allows for viewing or download. These maps are for informational purposes only and should not be used to settle any legal disputes or used in place of any proper legal surveys or documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What does GIS have to do with my property?
A. GIS is a computer based software used to map property lines in order to maintain and accurately identify boundaries for both public and private properties. Parcel mapping can be used to determine location, shape, size and other specific property information necessary for tax assessment, modification or development of utility infrastructure or compliance with zoning regulations.

Q: How do I get a map of my property?
A. This depends on if by map you mean a map of your property with the property lines drawn over aerial photographs or if you want a ‘plat’?
  • A ‘map of your property’ can be obtained by visiting the Banks County Parcel Maps web site or if you do not have a computer come to the GIS Department Map Room located at the Banks County Courthouse Annex and get one printed for a small fee.
  • A ‘plat’ is a formal surveyor’s map drawn to scale, showing distance and bearing between section corners, roads, right of ways or divisions of a piece of land. Plats are then recorded for legal purposes. Recorded plats can be obtained from the Clerk of Superior Court record room or a plat can be obtained by the registered land surveyor who prepared them.
Q: What if I find my property lines on the web site are not right?
A. Please know that the mapping of parcels is a representation for tax purposes only and is not an actual survey.  The GIS Department strives for accuracy and welcome having a chance to get it right. Correcting the way your property lines are drawn requires you to bring a legally recorded plat to the GIS Department so we can remap it.

Q: What is a legally recorded plat?
A. A legally recorded plat is one that has been reviewed by County Planning and recorded as a matter of record by the Clerk of Superior Court and has been stamped as such. Banks County Code of Ordinances Chapter 74 Article II Section 74-31 has a complete explanation for when a plat is required, the use of a plat and the specific County requirements for a plat to be considered legal. Recorded plats can be obtained from the Clerk of Superior Court record room.

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